Sunday, September 28, 2008

Perception of Bliss ( A'nanda Anubhu'ti ) - English version - A Glimpse

1/28. O honey*! If you come by

O honey*! If you come by, we may fill colors in lives,
We may fill melody, rhythm and songs in all three worlds;
We may fill beauty, flow, and fragrance in minds.

We may work#, meditate and fill devotion in lives;
We may fulfill hopes and aspirations in world and its people.
Thirst and hunger may banish, world may glitter;
Bodies may get healthy; minds may get established in “Self”.

Every particle of Earth may get happy; every flower may get bloomed;
Animals may happily walk, every fibre may get vibrated.
The languages may get filled with passions,
Every life may be able to speak what is in mind;
Every mind may be able to hear,
Every heart may be able to bear the excesses.

Inferiority complexes may get eliminated,
Bitterness may get shared;
Minds and consciousness may not get shaken;
They may become vibrated and blissful.
You come! Come now! You be there in full in whole world.
Majestically move and roam in cosmic mind,
Mind of atom and in world & lives.
The love of creator may manifest in every particle of cosmos!
* Honey = Honey of consciousness!
# Work = Engage in action or Karma

2/ 29. You are vigour of man!

You are vigour of man; I am duty boundness of nature;
Decorated by cloud, you are sweet; I am sweetness of she peacock.
I am freakish, fluctuating cleverness,
You are beautiful deep cloudy Krs’n’a*;
I am attached or detached goaded by Karma#,
You are detached to mind goaded by Dharma@.
You naturalize nature; I am goaded by movements of nature;
Nature looks to be creation of some one else to me,
It flows in you like your own creation.
Worried, afraid, moved and agonized, I move in this world;
Drinking poison, smiling strangely, you roam in cosmos!
You move carrying dust of Earth;
I keep collecting flowers of Earth.
Blend my flowers in your dust;
Taking nature in your lap, O Lord! Make it sleep!
* Krs’n’a = Brownish Lord Krs’n’a, who attracts all in universe
# Karma= Appropriate work or action
@ Dharma = Attributes which hold creatures

3 /30. Let peacock dance in cloud, O Lord!

Let peacock dance in cloud, O Lord!
Thrill the nature and mould new world!
Sweet languages may flow in every throat;
Throats may remain in bliss in heavens.
Every flower may bloom with fragrance and fluid,
Mind stuff may be clean, fearless and free.
Make nectar flow on Earth!
Minds may dance; humans may remain in bliss;
Beauty of creation may remain undeteriorated and unique.
The creatures may thrill in beauty of life;
Nectar may get rained from dark clouds in monsoon month.
River of Ganges may again flow from matted hairs of Shiva*!
Remove pollution of mind and body;
Adorn water and forests; Make air flow in thrilled sky;
Let liberated streams flow in crude, creatures & world.
Make buds bloom by melody of female crow!
Take away dogma# from world, save faiths from whims;
Make world broad and behave.
Becoming world stream, you make every one flow.
* Shiva = Lord Shiva who incarnated 7000 years ago and gave
Systems of Marriage, Yoga, Tantra, Yantra, Mantra,
Meditation, Spiritual dance Tandava, Ayurved, etc.
* Dogma = Stativity of passions

4/42. In your effulgence O Lord!

How many glows came in your effulgence O Lord!
How many stars glittered in your noiseless night!
Sitting in corner, my mind could not see and understand.
How many sparks got ignited while getting extinguished?
How many souls got up from heap of piers?
How many insects got liberated in love of light?
How many creatures got uplifted in keeping others alive?
How many creatures you create in your nature?
You take care of their hunger and thirst.
You give blood and fluid to each cell;
Still, you let one creature take away life of other.
Some time, I feel,
Why don’t you do this play of Yours in some other way!
Why You make dance so many unique hapless souls?
Why You again and again give pain of
Expiring and shrinking to every conscience.
You, probably, evaluate spirit of perception of every life,
Every play of life of each consciousness.
You again sow that life spirit in creation again.
You grow crop of Tantra* of consciousness in
Yantra# of body sowing seed of Mantra@ of mind.
At times, you keep emancipated seeds in your heart!
* Tantra = Spiritual technology
# Yantra = Spiritual instrument
@ Mantra = Vibration that instils focus

5/11. O Lord! I am traveller of infinity

O Lord! I am traveller of infinity; you are my witness, my co-traveller!
How many agonies voyage in world?
How many flowers are dispersed over your head?
You give compassion to so many buds? Many thorns, you get removed?
You keep moving, let all moving; smile, make laugh and motivate.
At times, you make weep; at other times, you make sleep;
You make tremble in love and at times make laugh in wrath.
Your divine play sometimes gets understood;
At times even when it is known, it becomes strange.
Sometimes, you look ever kind; at times you look alone, wayfarer and unkind.
Sometimes, you let creatures roam freely;
At times you entangle their senses one by one, let the life and mind wander away.
Some times, you take away their every thing and while keeping it in your heart,
You let them bag and ask them for a gift!
At times, sitting on their pineal gland, you shower grace and make them proprietor!

6/21. You are stretch of infinity

You are stretch of infinity, I am depth of world.
Time space & entities are Your dimensions;
Sentience, mutability and stativity are exhale of your nature.
I exist, doer I & done I are waves of art of your management.
Five elements are your property;
Creatures created by nature are your progeny.
After dissociating creature from time place & persons,
Whenever you merge them in yourself;
You create yourself in vacuum of creatures,
World gets decorated with glitter of five elements.
You create in each of your style & variety,
You create mysterious creatures in every layer of five elements.
You create forests, animals, humans and sentient ones;
All move & develop in people and out of people.
You create introvert after creating extrovert cycle of creation,
Merging sentients in yourself, you get creation done.
In every moment, every place & every entity of creation, you create,
New creation, new passion, new melody, new wave and new depth.

134/101. Those days of early childhood come to memory.

Those days of early childhood come to memory.
Mother's request to uncle to teach me at court yard;
His teaching alphabets and continue teaching and also motivating later.
Mother's awakening me in dawn, encouraging me to study.
Enlightening lantern, studying & later going to fields for daily routine.
Once while studying in dawn, arriving & sitting of a serpent under cot.
My calling cousin out of fear and doubt and
Crawling away of serpent and hiding in door gap.
Beholding feet of great uncle, levelling of field using a wooden planer?
While his ploughing, learning by accompanying him grabbing plough.
Uncle's teaching me singing songs,
Participating and winning in singing competitions.
Singing in long tunes with a colleague, singing story of Janmejaya.

24/115. The supreme consciousness is all pervading

The supreme consciousness is all pervading absolute existence.
He is the one and only creator, who enjoys and remains gratified.
To observe Himself, the creator sometimes becomes conscious observer;
Creator creates methods of observation.
Creates mind and intellect, body and world become panorama.
Observer, observed and backdrop get manifested.
Observer and observed create a mutual relation.
These relations get expressed as space.
Movements in relation create events.
Events show and illustrate time.
Time, place and persons are
Localized eternal existence of consciousness?
Persons become prisoners of intellect.
They start enjoying limited time and place.
Liberty of intellect is the only key to get liberated from world.
Rather than, seeing reflection of reality, seeing reality is liberty.

20/117. Every moment of mine is rhythm of infinite.

Every moment of mine is rhythm of infinite.
My existence is bliss of infinite.
My every part is abode of infinity.
My personality is poetry of infinite
I am inseparable existence of all pervading.
I am eternal form of Omnipresent.
I am inseparable existence of Omniscient.
I am eternal link of infinite relations of beginning-less.
Consciousness is witness of continuity of space and time.
Conscience measures distances of relations of
Observer and observed by space.
Consciousness measures difference of experience by time.
Time is, however, only an idea.
Its perception is realized or expressed by bliss of consciousness.
Cosmic consciousness is truth; world is relative truth.
‘Whatever is in body is in Cosmos’ is true.
Whatever is in mind of creature; same exists in cosmic mind.
The moment which is mine, is in His eternity.
The consciousness which is mine is His only.

153/9. Every one knows my Father!

Every one knows my Father.
One, who does not know, also accepts.
One who does not accept Him,
Accepts himself because he knows Him.
He has let him know him,
Only His grace has made him forget Him.
Those who have got lost from their Father;
Have forgotten His address, have lost all money.
There appears no way out, the path found also gets lost.
How easy it is to go back to his Father’s home;
There may not be any address, clothes or vehicle.
Only desire is enough; no permission is required.
Just express this desire to the world,
Some one knowing Him will arrive;
He will put him in His vehicle,
Fair will also be paid by Him.

154/10. My Father is director of Earth!

My Father is director of Earth!
I, however, thought, I was myself director.
I lost every thing while getting mislaid;
I lost mind, body, money, faith and every thing.
I understand, director may not have any name, dress or address;
He may changes name, dress, address as per need or situation!
Still, those who understand Him are able to recognize Him in world.
Some one will take us to our own home in His vehicle,
He will remove our fatigue, quench hunger and offer nectar.
Shortage of money will go away by fervour,
Son of director will again become director.
As He loves us, as He will places His hand on our head!
All in world will become our own,
Honour and respect will get showered as contribution.
As our hands touch His feet, His hands remain over our head!
When we sleep in His lap, bliss and fearlessness get spread in world.
Earth gets filled with thrill; Sky full of stars gets glittered.

32/12. How amazing an appraiser and examiner you are!

How amazing an appraiser and examiner You are!
You are vital, established and experimenting
Observer, manager and entrepreneur.
You create unions & retreats though Yoga,
By utilizing nature, You arrange opportunities.
While, appearing non-observer and non-creator,
You impart acceleration to vistas of creation.
Some times, You let creation sleep in Your lap,
At times, You vibrate creation while letting it sit in Your heart!
Some times, You smile in subconscious mind,
You thrill creatures of creation with exultation.
Some times, transcending with Your sharp vision,
You sprout conscience of progeny.

33/13. When You will do what?

When You will do what? Why You will do to whom?
Being bounded by time place persons,
My mind is not able to understand or abide.
I am not able to see time of place and persons,
Place of time and persons, persons of place and time.
You are able to see time place & persons,
You shake and vibrate them.
You create place and persons at some time,
Place in place, person in person, time in time.
Or You merge them all in Yourself!

105/15. My Poem

Whose creation are you, my poem!
In which creation, will you get outspread!
Sitting at heart of paper, are you juice of blackness of pen?
Or are you lily of desolation?
Or alternatively, are you affluence of expanding creation?
Expressed in emotion, gratified in spirit; are you asleep amidst paper?
Manifested in mind, engaged in body;
crawling in heart, motivated by conscience.
Will you like to live; will you be able to live for ever in creation of book;
In conception, cadence and dissolution of creation?
Or you will like to live in conscience, consciousness and void of my creation?
In vibration of every life; in compassionate story of every particle of terrain?
Will you meet every stream of water, every spark of fire, every wave of air?
With every melody, tune and poem living in void of sky?

107/16. Whose shower are you, my Poetry!

Whose shower are you, my poetry?
In which creation, you would like to get outstretched?
Will you look for each poem which is still asleep in human mind?
Will you like to express feelings of all minds composing poems?
Will you extend flow to every agony?
Will you make bliss even more heavenly?
Every breath and conscience of mine is in problem;
Some are in bliss in ignorance; some are not in bliss in wisdom.
You lovingly massage their heads,
Shower flowers in their feet; massage their hearts in such a way
That their minds get elucidated, their tears get dispersed.
Their hearts get thrilled, they get briskly respired;
They happen to sing and beget bliss?
Don’t express pains of your heart, you only listen?
Learn to tolerate, understand weeping, teach smiling & irrigation.
Keep smiling, make others laugh and blissful.
You don’t look for prize; don’t think of prestige or price.
You simply move from heart to hearts;
From the wave of pleasure and pains to flow of bliss.
From creatures to Creator, from Creator to creatures.

84/17. My existence is infinite

My existence is infinite; I am traveller of infinity.
Some times, I look for beginning of infinity;
At times, I search for end of infinity.
Some times, I get my existence,
At times, I loose my existence.
Some times, I find you in middle;
At times, you keep me anxiously waiting until end.
Some times, you get understood,
At times, you make me understand.
My existence lies only in you;
I meet my own self, if I meet you.
If you caress me, I may be able to caress you;
If you appear in sight, I may be able to prostrate you.
You remain close to me, keep closeness;
Don’t keep bitterness, don’t be miser.
You are busy in controlling creation;
Still, you should remain with me every moment.
In regular company of yours, in your existence;
I shall find my path, my existence.

52/26. Mysteries of mind

Mysteries of mind are unique;
These are known & unknown, desired & undesired.
Looking every known and unknown person, eye to eye;
We search our ‘Him’ in them,
Or search them in depth of our mind.
All appear to have been met some time, some where.
We find relations, develop love, and share agonies;
Make relations and happen to do some thing.
And at times, knowingly or unknowingly happen to quarrel.
We are not able to sleep few nights,
After returning from our own or foreign country.
We appear to be affected by jet - lag.
But, is it not reaction of passions of our loving persons abroad!
They remember us in their days; our sleep goes off in our nights.

53/27. The creatures become subservient in love

The creatures become subservient in love;
They happen to cross boundaries of time, place & persons.
The new creature happens to get conceived;
The creation moves one generation ahead.
Loving creatures after becoming parents;
Happen to love hitherto unknown new one,
More than they love themselves.
Every new upcoming creature might be our ancestor;
He/she can grow big beholding our fingers.
At times, he/she can behave like our grand parent.
Whatever pains or medicines we gave him/her,
He/she can react to that;
Becoming our own, he/she can give pain,
An unknown may come and give medicine.
Some of his/her reactive momenta could be pure,
Some could be better or worse;
Some reactive momenta could come
From pause in journey of his/her conscience.
Some new reactive momenta could come,
From his/her other experiences in this life.
Whatever creatures we associated with in our infinite lives,
Who so ever creatures we got, came and gone, will come;
All vibrate our mind waves;
Change our passion and nature.
That is why, world looks our own; and at times it looks strange & alien.
All are our own, all are like dreams; all are in mind, all are known.
All are to come, all are to go, and all are known & unknown.
151/40. O friend, now, I do not live here any more!

O friend, now, I do not live here any more!
I live with son of Nanda (Krs’n’a) now, forgetting all pains and pleasures!
My body lives here, mind does not; my soul lives in Vraja.
I take food, live in house,
I keep walking & bathing in Yamuna water.
I keep playing with children of Vraja.
Early morning, I rush to Yamuna bank;
I play flute along with children of cowherd.
I go from Gokul to Vrindavan,
I go to Govardhan to graze the cows.
I see beauty of sweet Madhuvan, I want to see beauty of Krs’n’a.
My mind goes in Trans, body moves in world,
I subserviently keep moving in Gokul.
I do not feel pangs of winter and summer; In rain I keep bathing.
My mind gets pleased when you come,
It increases love for son of Nand (Krs’n’a).
He does not come when I play with you,
As you go He comes and tries to love me.
My mind has become affectionate of Krs’n’a,
I am in love with Him.

152/41. When Lord’s grace get showered

When Lord’s grace gets showered; my mind becomes blissful.
Vraja blooms, cow sings; flute gets tuned without playing.
Cowherd children start running unknowingly;
Yamuna water gets sweetened.
She crow happens to sing her melody;
Peacock starts dancing keeping wings on head.
Body free from dirt, gets disciplined;
My heart gets delighted;
My plexus sing their own tune,
Mind dances, spirit gets amused.
Base plexus scatters incense,
Lunar plexus reduces hunger & thirst;
Naval plexus spreads red glare;
Aerial plexus runs taking along to sky.
Ethereal plexus pours spiritual authority & knowledge;
Plexus at Eyebrow motivates in Dharma and Karma.
Guru gives devotion and graces;
I surrender such a blissful mind of mine.

108/43. Subtle wave of poetry

How did the subtle wave of poetry arise in your heart! O honey!
Why your heart started flowing like glacier?
Beholding pot on your head, how could you become full of fervour!
Why your passion got showered? How could you start singing?
Did someone ignite you? Or some spark ignited you?
Did you get ignited looking at some spark?
Or you got vibrated by ‘Perception of Bliss’?
Did you perceive movement of moving world?
Or you understood secret of father of creation!
Did you understand song of secret of working of cosmos?
Or you came to know source of awareness of creation!
What did you start composing? For whom you started composing?
What did you start murmuring? Whose tune you started resembling?
Why you started practicing tune? What melody you started singing?
For whom you started singing? To whom you started listening?
Your poetry has become wave of bliss;
Water flute started playing in passion of river.
He started singing some thing on flute of His mind,
Flute of your heart started singing, resonating & vibrating with it.

109/44. Honey! Your Poetry gives bliss to all

Honey! Your Poetry gives bliss to all.
Their waves of bliss give you added bliss.
You keep composing poems, you give life to life.
Your melody rhythm and tune are innovative,
Spark of awareness is beauty of your poetry.
It's rhythm of life, its tone of Shiva.
It's tune of world, it is melody of echo of eternal.
You don’t wait for each one to enjoy bliss;
You just compose and freely sing.
That will give pace to movement of world, it will thrill several beings.
Spark of your poem will ignite some one,
His/ her mind will get illuminated, light will reach you.
He/ she will also enlighten some one, the world will get illuminated.
As you proffer poems, God will be elated.
You just ignite spark, awaken,
Make aware of and sing, extend enlightenment
World will eventually get enlightened.
Conscience will get enlightened, you will get vibrated,
All will enjoy bliss, and the Guru who initiated you will also enjoy ecstasy.

96/46. I am heritage girl Of Gokula*

I am heritage girl Of Gokula*,
You are Nandla’la’# of Madhupur@ (Mathura‘).
I am Ra’dha’^ of sleeping coil, you are great Shiva** of pineal gland.
Amused by tune of your flute, I am honey - bee thirsty of honey.
How many honey bees tasted honey. How many protected honey?
How much play is there in play of honey?
How much attraction is there in this city of honey?
There is deep attraction in sweet honey,
There is excellent management and protection in honey.
* Gokul = Village near Mathura’ at bank of Yamuna’
# Nandla’la’ = Son of Nanda, Krs’n’a
@ Madhupur = Sweet city, Mathura.
^ Ra’dha' = Beloved of Krs’n’a
** Shiva = Lord Shiva, Cosmic Controller

38/49. In how much agony you are O traveller!

In how much agony you are O traveller!
How many dawns came and went away?
How many nights kept running?
You did not get bliss; you kept moving and moving.
On path of this bliss, in body of your aspirations;
In the knot of quiet agony,
Will you be able to give a tune? In the sky of heart of Lord?
On how many Earths you moved? In how many waters you flew?
How many flames you faced? How many velocities of air you faced?
How many skies came and went ? How many skies have seen you?
How many skies watched you quietly?
Surrender in Lord’s meditation;
Your knowledge, your Karma, your strength and your devotion.
Come near Lord, if you can in this tide of bliss!
Listen to song of my heart, O traveller!
Sing songs of His heart, O traveller!
Your agony is His, give it to Him, just give it to Him.
Bow your head in his feet!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ananda Anubhuti - in Roman Sam'skrta ( Hindi & Bengali) - A panorama

62. Hanbara tat’a para, jha’r’iyom’ ka’ jhuramut’a

Hanbara tat’a para, jha’r’iyom’ ka’ jhuramut’a;
Gilahariyom’ ke per‘om‘ para
Car’hane utarane kii chat’apat’a’hat’a.
Cahakatii cir‘iyom‘ ke ur’ane kii phuraphura’hat’a;
Saje vraks’hom’ para shveta pus’pom’ kii khilakhila’hat’a.
Sha’nta shveta batakhom’ ka’, Jala vicaran’a karana’;
Vana jiivom’ ka‘ culabula’hat’a mem‘, jala piinaa.
Shva’na ka’ bhraman’a karate hue,
Jala dha’ra’ mem’ ku’da par‘ana’;
Paks’iyom’ ka’ per‘a se ku’da,
Jala mem’ d’ubakii laga’na’.
Hanbar tumane kitanii
Piir’iyom’ ko ra’ha dikha’yii hae;
Kitane vya’pa’rom’ kii niim’va laga’ii hae.
Kitane suha’vane phu’la saja‘,
T’oront’o nagarii basa’yii hae;
Kitanii dha’ra’em’ baha’iim’ haim’ aura
Aum’nt’a’rio jhiila mem’ mila’iim’ haem‘.
Hara samaya ya’da a’tii hae mujhe;
Tumha’re calate rahane kii chat’apat’a’hat’.
Mere mana ko varavash nikat‘a;
Bula’ne kii tumha’rii a’hat’a.
Hanbara = Aumt’a’rio ( Kana’d’a’ ) mem’ bahatii ek nadii।

69. Desha ka’la pa’tra kii svara lahariya’m’

Desha ka’la pa’tra kii svara lahariya’m’,
Sras’t’a’ se tarangita haem’.
Ananta pa’tra, ananta deshom’ mem’,
Ananta ka’la mem’, liila’yita haem’;
Chandita spandita haem’, Thirakita a’nandita haem’.
Prathvii kii parikrama’ karate upagraha ka’ patha,
Shu’nya se siidhii rekha’ ja’na par‘ata’ hae;
Sras’t’i ka’ samaya bhii vaise hii,
Adi ananta ke biica a’yojita hae.
Bra’hmii mana ka’la cakra kii gati ko,
Bhanpa sakata’ hae, ma’npa sakata’ hae,
Chala’m’ga sakata’ hae;
Jha’m’ka sakata’ hae, jhakajhora sakata’ hae.
Tvarita kara sakata’ hae, jham’krata kara sakata’ hae.
Bra’hmii mana jiivaa’tma’ ko suniyojita karata’ hae;
Desha ko vya’paka vyavasthita karata’ hae.
Ka’la kii a’peks’ika gati ko sam’yojita karata’ hae;
Sras’t’i prabandha ko pragatishiila bana’ta’ hae।
78. He kras’n’a ! avataran’a se pu’rva, a’ka’sha va’n’ii kara’

He kras’n’a ! avataran’a se pu’rva, a’ka’sha va’n’ii kara’
Jagata ko pu’rva su’cita karana’;
Kya’ tha’, apane u’par, a’pattiyom’ ko
a’mantrita karana’ ?
Ya’ tha’, apanii sras’t’i mem‘,
a’ne ka’ ka’ma a’sa’na karana’ !
Pu’rva su’cana’ de, shos’aka sha’saka kii,
bhaya vratti ko prajjvalita karana’;
Aura phira, usakii krodha’gni ko jaga’,
karma mem’ use prerita karana’.
Jagata ko usake karma dikha’;
usakii ba’stavikata’ ka’ bha’na kara’na’.
Svayam para, nija janom’ para,
shos’aka ka’ a’kraman’a jhelana’, sahana’;
Shos’ak ko asaphala kara’,
usa para niyam’tran’a karana’.
Asurii shakti ko shamita kara,
sa’tvikata’ ko protsahita karana’;
Dhiire dhiire shos’an’a ko
sama’pta ya’ samarpita kara’na’।

98. Niya’gra’ kii niirava bu’dem’

Niya’gra’ jala prapa’ta kii niirava bu’m’dem‘,
Ana’ya’sa avaroha kii a’sham’ka’ mem’ haem’
a‘nkhem’ mu’nde;
Dhiimii huii gati se gam’bhiira huii bu’ndem‘,
T’at’olatii haem’, bandha kii gahara’ii nayana mu’nde.
Kucha bu’ndem’ karatii haem’ praya’sa,
Dhara’tala se jut’ane ka’, bandh ke isii ora rahane ka’,
Usakii garima’ samajhane ka’;
A’ge kii u’para kii bu’ndom’ ko, usa ora ja’te dekha,
Vismita haem’ , bhayamaya haem’,
aura kucha haem’, ashoka.
Piiche bahate jala ke saa’vega se piir‘ita,
Niice kii dha’ra’om’ se prakampita;
Bandha ke u’para bahane ko prata’r’ita,
Jala bu’ndem’ haem’, vyatha’ se a’lor‘ita.
Ana’ya’sa a’ye a’vega kii jala dha’ra’,
Le calatii hae, unhem’ usa ora, karake a’tmaha’ra’;
Vismita jala bu’ndom’ ka’ saka’sha,
Vismrata kara deta’ hae ma’nava ka’ cida’ka’sha।
129। Advaeta dvaeta advaeta
Prabhu kya’ tuma dvaeta ho ! Kya’ tuma advaeta ho !
Ya’ phira ' advaeta dvaeta advaeta ’ ho !
Kya’ tuma advaeta se, sagun’a ho, dvaeta hue, ananta hue ?
Tumha’rii ananta satta’ ke ansha;
Tuma mem’ mila, kya’ phira advaet hue.
Ma’nava ka’ 'aham brahma’smi' anubhava karana’,
Apane astitva ko hae, samajha lena’;
Sva’bha’vika hae tumase milane para,
Aham‘ka’ra ka’ a’kara tumamem’ viliina hona’.
Tatvatah cara’cara satta’ ko tumha’rii samajha lena’;
'Ahama Brahma’smi' se pare,
'Sarvangam Brahma Mayanga jagata', anubhu’ta karana’.
Jaise pita’ banakar hii, pita’ kucha samajha a’te haem’;
Vaise hii ' Aham Brahmaa’smi ' anubhu’ta kara jiiva,
Tuma ko kucha samajha pa’te haem’.
Kintu jaise pita’ banate hii,
Karttavya va adhika’ra bar’ha ja’te haem’;
Tumha’ra’ svaru’pa anubhu’ta karate hii,
Ma’nava ke karttavya va adhika’ra bar’ha ja’te haem’।

31. Ogo Madhu tumi a’o ( Bengali )

Ogo Madhu tumi Ao, mor man madhu niye jAo;
Tumi mora pa’ne ca’o, more nija pa’ne niye ja’o.
Tumi eshe, mora pa’ne bose,
Tumi kichu kichu kare ja’o, ja’ha’ kichu mananete ca’o.
Kichu kichu katha’ kaye ja’o, kichu kichu byatha’ sune ja’o.
Mora sancita madhu a’che, shudhu madhu a’che;
Kha’nt’i madhu a’che, kichui to bence a’chi.
Sei toma’ya dete ca’i, tumi a’o.
A’mi toma’ri madhurima’ ca’i, a’mi toma’ri ma’dhurii dekhii;
A’mi toma’ri shobhanii dekhii, toma’ra mananei d’olii.
Tumi a’o, mora mana madhu niye ja’o.
Mora more bole ja’ kichu a’che, se saba tora’i to a’che;
Tumi eshe bha’lobese, a’ma’ke niye ja’o।
132. Tumha’re su’ks’ma prema kii anubhu’tiyom’ ko
Tumha’re su’ks’ma prema kii anubhu’tiyom’ ko;
Maem’ a’nanda umanga kahu’n ya’ a’nanda tarangq kahu’n.
A’nanda anubhu’ti kahu’n ya’ anubhu’ti a’nanda kahu’n;
Sras’t’i prabandha ke sura kahu’n
ya’ a’dhya’tmika prabandha kahu’n.
Jo bhii kahu’n, ve tumha’rii hii vidha’ ya’ kala’ haem’.
Tumha’re liye, bana’ii pus’pa ma’la’ haem’.
Unakii sugandha saundarya tumha’ra’ hae;
Unako dha’ge mem’ pirone ka’ a’nanda mera’ hae.
Tuma unake sahasra’ra ke hara dala para,
Apane pada kamala rakho.
Unaka’ hradaya kamala adharom’ se spars’a karo;
Apane hradaya pat’ala para rakha use a’nandita karo.
Unake roma roma mem’ rama ja’o;
Tuma jana jana ko sihara’o;
Hara tana mana mem’ tuma ga’ ja’o;
Hara dhar’akana mem’ tuma basa ja’o।
138. Tuma sha’shvata sundara abhinava ho
Tuma sha’shvata sundara abhinava ho,
jiivana ke ra’ga suna’ ja’o.
He a’nandita Prabhu ke pra’n’ii;
pra’n’aom’ ke giita suna’ ja’o.
Tuma madhumaya ru’pa liye a’o;
bha’vom’ mem’ bharakara ga’ ja’o.
Jiivana ka’ srota dikha’ ja’o;
srotom’ ko jiivana de ja’o.
Madhu ma’khe sa’ranga ke sa’ks’ii,
svapnom’ se du’ra nahiim’ ja’o;
Mohana vijina‘na bharii mamata’,
ma’nava ko a’ja dikha’ ja’o.
Bhu’mi kii bha’s’a’ bha’vom’ mem’,
a’nanda umangem’ bhara ja’o;
Bhu’ma’ kii anahad va’n’ii mem’,
a’nanda sudha’ rasa sarasa’o।

139. Maem’ ra’ga dhara’ ke kya’ ga’u’m’

Maem’ ra’ga dhara’ ke kya’ ga’u’n,
tumhare sura mem’ ulajha’ ja’u’n;
Tumhare ranga mem’ rangata‘ ja’u’n,
jiivana kii kama sunata’ ja’u’n.
Maem’ a’nandita surabhita sura hu’n,
anubhu’ti se maem’ mohita hu’n;
Riddhi siddhi kii ma’ya’ se,
thirakita avimohita modita hu’n.
Maem’ kya’ dekhu’nga’ sunalu’nga’,
kya’ tuma se kucha kaha pa’u’nga’ ?
Mujhase tuma kya’ le pa’oge,
maem’ tumako kya’ de pa’u’nga’.
Sumadhura shobhana hae tumhara’ sura,
mohana abhinava Madhu se madhukar;
Tuma sunalo mere ura ke sura,
sura ura mem’ le de do nava svara।
141. Ta’n’d’ava jaga mem’ Prabhu kama karado

Ma’navata’ shos’ita vicalita hae,
a’tankita shankita bhayamaya hae;
Ta’n’d’ava jaga mem’ Prabhu kama karado,
Anandita jana gan’a mana karado.
Ma’nava mana vihansita thirakita ho,
bhojana shiks’a’ saba ko ghara ho;
Aos’adhi vastrom’ kii kamii na ho,
mana pra’n’om’ mem’ sa’tvikata’ ho.
Saba dharmom’ mem’ ho ' Madhu ' priiti,
shubha niiti siikhe ra’janiiti;
Vya’pa’rii vya’paka dharma sahita,
seva’ bha’vii hom’ karma pravrata.
Sat karmom’ mem’ ma’nava hom’ rata,
kraya shakti sabhii pa’yem’ avirata;
Hom’ du’ra mu’lya vraddhi rishvata,
sha’sana sha’saka hom’ anusha’sita.
Ja’grata Prabhu saba jana ko kara do,
mantrita abhimantrita mana kar do.
Tantrita jhankrata jaga ko kara do,
a’nandita ' Madhu' Prathvii kara do।
142. Shya’mala sa’ranga niila’mbara mem’
Shya’mala sa’ranga niila’mbara mem’,
gar’hata’ bunata’ chavi prati pala mem’;
Kitanii kriir’a’a sa’ranga svara mem’,
niiravata’ kitanii nabha ura mem’.
Kitane dviipom’ ko tuma gar’hate,
kitane sa’gara hrada mem’ rakhate;
Kitane mana kii bha’s’a’ par’hate,
sa’jom’ mem’ kitane tuma sajate.
Parvata pashu paks’ii tuma banate,
nabha na’t’aka mem’ na’yaka rahate;
Bahu a’ya’mom’ mem’ rama lete,
jhankrata spandita ho ja’te.
Vicalita bikhare tuma jaba rahate,
virahita besudha bemana hote;
Va’yu ke jhonke a’ja’te,
vihansita thirakita tuma cala dete.
Parilaks’ita dras’t’a’ ko karake,
mana sras’t’a’ mem’ arpita karake;
A’o Prathvii ke pra’ngan’a mem‘,
' madhu ' pra’n’om’ ke hradayangana mem’।

148. Na’shapa’tii ke biija

Na’shapa’tii ke madhur phal mem’ tumha’ra‘,
Usake biija ko itana’ saheja kara rakhana’;
Usake visha’la braks’a ke niice mu’la biija ko,
Bhu’mi mem’ itana’ gahara’ daba’ kara rakhana’.
Bhu’migata biija ko anuku’la jalava’yu de,
Ankurita kara dhiire dhiire paudha’ bana’ dena’.
Biija ko dhara’ dhu’la mem’ mila’, sama’pta pra’yah kara dena’;
Sardii garmii hima vars’a’ sahate hue, paudhe ka’ braks’a ho ja’na’.
Vasanta mem’ visha’la braks’a ka’ pallavita pus’pita ho ja’na’,
Kitane jana jiivana ko cha’ya’ va sugandha se trapta kara dena’.
Agan’ita phala khila’ ma’nava pashu paks’iyom’ ko
sa’tvika kara dena’;
Itane sukha dukha dekhate hue bhii, eka rasa a’nandita rahana’.
Hemanta kii a’hat’a mem’, braks’a ka’ patra vihiina ho ja’na’;
Hima vars’a’ sahars’a saha, vasanta kii ra’ha takana’.
Anukju’la samaya a’ne para punah pallavita ho ja’na’;
Shveta pushpom’ ka’ khila ut’hana’,
phalom’ ka’ avatarita ho ja’na’.
Rahasyamaya hae Prabhu, tumha’re biija ka’ jiivana !
Bhu’migata ho samaya a’ne para, braks’a bana ja’na‘.
Sras’t’i ko yatha’ sambhava ' Madhu ' phala khila’te ja’na’;
phala mem’ antarnihita bija ka’,
Sras’t’i mem’ bikhara ja’na’।
151. Ashiirva’da ka’ mahatva

A’shiirva’da a’nanda ka’ prasa’da hae,
A’shiirva’da vishva’sa ka’ nihshva’sa hae;
A’shiis’a shiis’a ka’ abhimantran’a hae,
A’shiis’a a’sha’ ko a’mantran’a hae.
A’nanda ka’ ' Madhu' va’da de mahata a’tma’,
hama’ra’ patha prashasta karatii hae;
apanii a’tma’ ke sam’vega se hama’rii gati
tvarita kara, tarangita karatii hae.
Prabhu hamem’ a’shiirva’da le de pa’ne mem’, saks’ama karem’;
Dhara’ para bharapu’ra bhakti bha’va bahem’.
Krapa’ dha’ra’ dhara’ para avirata bahe,
Gurutvapu’rn’a krapa’ bha’va barasate rahem’.
Mahata bha’va pa’kara hii, a’shiirva’da lene ka’ bha’va samajha a’ta’ hae;
Brahata bha’va ananta ho kara hii, ' Madhu ' a’shiirva’da de pa’ta’ hae।
152. Milita nirn’aya kii mahatta’

Sama’ja mem’ milita nirn’aya kii mahatta’,
guruttama va mahattama hae;
Vyaktigata nirn’aya ko sama’ja se,
anumodita kara’ lena’ atyuttama hae.
Vyaktigata nirn’aya hama’re mana shariira a’tma’ kii,
Avasthiti ka’ pratiphalana hae;
Sa’ma’jika a’shiirva’da hama’re a’tmiiya nirn’aya ko,
Paripakva anumodita tarngita karata’ hae.
Paraspara vinimaya se kiya’ vyakti va sama’ja ka’ nirn’aya,
Santulan suvyavastha’ suyog deta’ hae;
Jiivana mem’ kiye milita nirn’aya karma,
A’nanda taranga sa’phalya sa’dhana’ la’te haem’.
Nirn’aya jitane sahaja atmiiya sammati se hom’,
Sa’ma’jika saphalata’ atmonnati utane hii tvarita hote haem’.
Pa’riva’rika va sa’ma’jika nirn’aya sadaeva,
Paraspara upaka’rii prabha’vaka’rii va a’nanda deya hote haem’.
Atma’em’ unnata hom’, shreya ko samajhem’;
Mahata kii mahatta’ ja’nem’, is’t’a ko pahaca’nem’.
A’shiirva’da ka’ mahatva ja’nem’, milita nirn’aya karem’;
Bhakti va krapa’ karem’, sras’t’i ko 'Madhu' a’nanda se bharem’।
153. Kam’kar’a ke kan’a kan’a kii katha’ kucha karun’a hae
Kam’kar’a ke kan’a kan’a kii katha’ kucha karun’a hae;
Para 'Madhu' rasa mem’ d’u’bii vaha a’nandita sagun’a hae.
Hradaya krandana se kincita vicalita hae;
Para marma mem’ vaha thirakita vihansita hae.
Usake bahurangii bahuru’pii virala svaru’pa mem’;
Kitana’ saundarya lasita itiha’sa chipa’ hae.
Usake arama’nom’ kii at’t’a’lika’om’ mem’,
Kitanii vidha’yem’ baha’rem’ vyavastha’yem’ bikharii haem’.
Kitanii ulka’yem’ a’ka’sha se a’kar usase milii haem’;
Kitane sa’garom’ kii man’i dhu’la kan’a banii haem’.
Kitanii parvata shikha’yem’ hima mem’ t’hit’huriim’ haem’;
hima nada sanga nandita ho, dhara’ para bikharii haem‘.
Pa’vana parvata shila’yem’ bhii ma’nava se pujatii haem’,
Dha’ra’om’ mem’ bahe patthara bhii sundar ho siharate haem’.
Kitanii shila’ kam’kar’a dhu’la,
graha upagrahom’ se la’ hama dekhe haem’;
Hama’re kitane shu’nya ya’na
anya grahom’ para ja’ dhu’la kan’a bane haem’।
155. Maha’ vis’phot’a va Brahma kan’a
( Big Bang & God Particle)
' Maha’ vis’hphot’a ' ka’ prayoga kara vaejina‘nika,
' Brahma kan’a ' ko ja’nana’ ca’hate haem’.
Par kya’ Brahma unhem’, saba kucha jana’ne ko
Svayam yugom’ se tatpara nahiim’ hae ?
Do vars’a tvaraka ( Accelerator ) mem’ rakha,
Eka kharaba degree centigade tak garma kara,
Pada’rtha ke a’dha’rabhu’ta avibha’jya kan’a ko,
'Kan’a bhaotika sha’strii' samajhana’ ca’hate haem’.
Para kya’ ma’nava a’t’ha araba dollar ka’ yaha prayoga kara,
Pada’rtha va Parma’tma satta’ ke rahasyom’ ko
d’ham’ga se ja’na sakata’ hae ?
Kya’ kisii satta’ ka’ astitva, bina’ sras’t’a’ ke
pala bhara bhii, raha sakata’ hae ?
Kya’ sras’t’i ka’ hara jiiva, hara pala, hara vidha’ mem’;
Sras’t‘a‘ Brahma kan’a, vishva vyavastha’ ka’,
'Madhu' izaha’ra nahiim’ kara raha’ hota’ hae.
Sras’t’a’ ka’ rahasya kya’,
pada’rtha ko bina’ vis’phot’ita kiye, nahiim’ ja’na’ sakata’ hae ?
Kya’ sras’t’i ke pra’n’ii, ma’nasa’dhya’tmika vijina‘na dva’ra’,
Yaha rahasya ja’nate hue, hara pala prayoga nahiim’ kara rahe haem’.
Kya’ sras’t’i prabandha kii vyavastha’, ve nahiim’ kara rahe haem’ !
159. Prabhu tumha’re a’loka mem’ !
Prabhu tumha’re a’loka mem’,
kitanii a’bha’em’ ubhariim’ !
'Madhu' tumha’re ma’dhurya mem’,
kitanii 'Madhu Giiti' utariim’.
Kitanii vidha’em’ vidya’ bana bahiim’,
kitanii pratibha’em’ pratibhu’ta huyiim’.
Kitane sukha dukha a’nanda dha’ra’ bana bahe,
kitanii piir’a’em’ viina’ bana ga’yiim’.
Vishva kii vya’pakata’ ura mem’ dha’ ga’yii,
Jiivana kii sa’rthakata’ antarmana ranga ga’yii.
Guru kii krapa’ kitana’ ranga la’yii,
dhara’ kii dhu’li kitanii mana bha’yii.
Kitanii pratikriya’em’, preran’a’ bana a’yiim’,
kitanii dyotana’em’ cetana’ bana ga’yiim’.
Kitane da’nava, ma’nava bana ga’ye;
kitane ma’nava, mana se tara ga’ye.